【Shiba Inu】Let’s have Japanese Ancient Dog.



Hello. I am AKO, Japanese blogger.

“Shiba Inu” is now popular not only in Japan but also the other countries. They have lovely looks. In fact, there are four types, and the difference in face shape and coat color.

Some of them has sharp faces like as a fox and the others have round faces like as a raccoon. It seems to have some reasons in the history of Shiba Inu.

Shiba Inu is the dog which is designated as a natural monument in Japan.
I introduce about Shiba Inu has what kind of character and characteristics.



Shiba Inu is a natural monument in Japan. Shiba Inu is our precious cultural property. Its origin is ancient. We believe that the Shiba Inu came to Japan when the indigenous peoples migrated to the south during the primordial era. However, during Meiji period, Western dogs were imported into Japan. And people bred Japanese dogs and Western dogs. The original appearance of the Shiba Inu has changed due to mixed races.

So, the “Japanese Dog Preservation Society” was established with the purpose of “preserving and preserving the characteristics of Japanese dogs for posterity.” They bred only Shiba Inu to prevent the extinction of pure Shiba Inu. And we have 4 kinds of Shiba Inu.

  • Shinshu Shiba inu
  • Mino Shiba Inu
  • San’in Shiba Inu
  • Jomon Shiba Inu

Recently, Mame Shiba is popular for its cute looks like a puppy. We bred a small Shiba Inu male and female.
The history of Mame Shiba is still short. They have not even been sublimated as a breed. Even if I buy a Shiba Inu called Mame Shiba from a breeder, We sometimes have troubles that Mame Shiba grows up to a normal Shiba Inu size even though the breeder sell it as a Mame Shiba. Even if that happens, you need to take care of it with love when you keep a Mame Shiba.


Height 14 to 15 inches, weight 8 to 13 kg.
Double coat
Coat color type: red / black / sesame / white
Face: fox type / raccoon type
Personality: Obedient / loyal / brave / innocent / clever
Breeding: Easy

Shiba Inu is very active. It is important to get enough exercise every day. Recently, many owners keep them indoors in that case, you should have great care to them not to be a lack of exercise.

Shiba Inu has delicate skin and suffers atopic dermatitis. That’s why they have much coat to protect sensitive skin. Some of them suffer cataracts and dementia are also likely to occur.

Shiba Inu have a calm and cute appearance, but they do not follow the instructions if the master-slave relationship with the owner is not firmly established.